Student Care Services

  • Registration for the enrolment of a new year commences from June of the current year. 

  • During Phase 1, priority will be given to sibling(s) of the currently-enrolled children. Parents are to request for an Enrolment Form and return to the Centre upon completion. If all vacancies are filled, a waiting list will be implemented.

  • During Phase 2, registration will be opened to the public in September but subject to availability of vacancies and on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • You will be placed on a waiting list should there be no vacancies. When a slot becomes available, you will be notified either via email or phone, in descending order according to the waiting list. However, should you forgo your slot, you will need to re-start your queue number.
  • Yes. There will be a 2-weeks trial for every child prior to his/her official enrolment. The purpose of this is to ensure that your child is able to adapt into his/her new environment. 

  • Trial fees include 2-weeks worth of prorated monthly fee and insurance. For more information on trial fees and enrolment forms, please check with us either via our main line (6284 4511) or email (

  • During this trial period, either the parents can withdraw the child/children or the Centre can terminate the SCC services.

  • If the trial period is successfully completed, parents will make payment for the other related fees (i.e. deposit, registration fee, miscellaneous fee, and balance of monthly fee). However, should you decide to withdraw your child/children from the centre during this trial period or before he/she starts attending the student care, there will be no refund of any payment made.
  • The 2-weeks trial period serves the dual purpose of allowing children to adjust to the new environment and for SMSCC to assess whether our SCC is best placed to meet the developmental needs of the children.
  • You may provide the bus company with our SCC address indicated below. A SCC teacher will be there to receive your child.

    Serangoon Moral Family Service Centre (Student Care Centre)
    Block 239 Serangoon Avenue 2
    Singapore 550239
  • In accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”), the SCC would like to seek your consent to capture photographs and videos of your child/children for the purpose of publicity on our organisational website and social media sites.

  • Please note that you may withdraw consent and request us to stop taking and/or using the photographs and videos of your child/children for the stated purposes. The consent that you provide will remain valid until a written request to withdraw consent has been received by the SCC.

  • Upon receipt of your written request, we may require reasonable time to remove the photographs and videos of your child/children. Generally, we shall seek to process your request within ten (10) business days of receiving it.
  • The daily programme at the SCC changes depending on whether it is a school day or during the school holidays. You may refer to the tables below for an example of the daily programme.

After School Care (AS)

1.00pm Arrival of children
Shower / Lunch
Supervised study 
3.15pm Nap time 
4.30pm Afternoon Tea 
4.45pm Supervised study 
5.30pm Playtime / indoor games 
6.30pm Getting ready to go home 
7.30pm Centre Closes 
  • Please call us at 6284 4511 or email us at
    Our teachers will be more than happy to help you out!
  • Please email us at or fill up the contact us form below to provide us with your email address (for softcopy enrolment forms). 
  • Alternatively, you may wish to call us at 6284 4511 to arrange for a time to speak in person with our friendly teachers to understand more, as well as to collect a physical copy of the enrolment forms.