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Moral Home for the Aged Sick Limited
1, Jalan Bilal (Off Bedok Road)
Singapore 468854
Tel : 6442 2268
Fax : 6443 6445
Officer in charge: Winnie Koh

Moral Home For The Aged Sick Limited

No. 1 Jalan Bilal
Singapore 468854
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Contact Information
Person In-charge: Winnie Koh
Contact: 6442 2268 Fax: 6443 6445

23/05/1991 - Regn. No. 0811 (ROC)
01/07/2010 - UEN no: 201014368N
IPC status since 14/11/1986 ˇV 05/07/2016

The Home was set up by Singapore Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society in 1986 as a community service to look after the aged sick in Singapore. The original Home was declared opened on 11 September 1988.

The original Moral Home For The Aged Sick Limited was a renovated old Community Centre. Because of its structural and building constraints, it could only take in26 residents. From the day of its opening, the Home was filled to its maximum capacity. Thus in 1988, the Home applied to Government for an adjoining piece of vacant land to embark upon the building of the new home. The first-phase of this new home was completed on 17th July 1994 and only male residents were admitted. The second-phase was completed in October 1995, adding the necessary facilities to admit female residents. The project cost was about $8 million.

As this Home is a charity, it accepts non-paying residents recommended either by the Ministry of Community Development and Sports, the Ministry of Health, or through the Medical Social Workers of hospitals.

Finance & Funding
The operation costs of the HOME are met by the nursing fees charged and public donations as well as generous benefactors and organizations who donate on a regular basis.

Our nursing fee ranges from $1,400.00 to $2,100.00 and is based on the type of nursing care rendered and residentˇ¦s financial ability.
The capacity of the Home is 120

Application for Admission to Home
Applications for admission are made directly by family members of the applicant or referred by the hospitalsˇ¦ medical social workers, Agency for Integrated Care or other welfare agencies and grassroots organizations.

The Home provides up to date facilities such as call-bell emergency system for every residents, physiotherapy services and full nursing care services. Besides the daily bread and butter activities, the Home also organize entertaining activities and outings for the residents, Voluntary groups from grassroots organizations and schools, also visit our Home and religious organizations, and bring our residents to various functions.


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